Below you will find all the information for registering for our full-time programme, part-time programme and for our training courses.


Registering for the BOL (full-time programme) or the BBL (part-time programme)

The full-time courses (BOL) and part-time courses (BBL) always start in September. You can make your application via the yellow button on top of this page. If you have any further questions, please contact us; also about the necessary internship registration forms. NB: an intake interview is a requirement before gaining access to the BOL programme. See also * at the bottom of this page. The BBL programme does not require an intake interview. 


* Note on enrolling for the full-time (BOL) programme

Aeres MBO Dronten Warmonderhof bases its integrated concept of learning, living and working on the anthroposophical vision of Rudolf Steiner. Students who choose this programme are open to exploring this vision and make a conscious choice for the integrated concept. This does not alter the fact that a full-time student is always free to make another choice (temporary or otherwise) to live elsewhere. It goes without saying that if a student does not make use of a particular service offered by the Stichting Warmonderhof (Warmonderhof Foundation), they will not be charged for this. Students who prefer not to study within such an integrated concept are advised to orient themselves elsewhere as well so that they can make a well-founded choice. At Aeres MBO, we offer opportunities for regular training courses in livestock or dairy cattle and in Dronten and Amsterdam we offer the part-time course (BBL) biodynamic agriculture.



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