BOL-Studenten (en)

Pelle De Roos (20)

“I started at Warmonderhof with the idea: this is the start of my connection to the beginning of everything. Because everything starts with agriculture right? And I want to be part of that.”

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Okke Rave (18)

“Here you’re trained to be someone who can do almost anything. Arable farming seems to me to be the most fun. I like being on a tractor. In the holidays here at Warmonderhof, I’ve already ridden one.”

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Ditte Charpentier (24)

“After secondary school, I worked on organic farms abroad for three years. So I was used to leading a highly active life. I can’t sit in school from nine to five. And here at Warmonderhof, theory and practice are also split fifty-fifty. That’s perfect for me.”

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Jonas Heidendal (21)

“Looking out of the window of my student house here at Warmonderhof, I can see everything that happens in the fields. If I see anything interesting, I just hop on my bike. Because I want to learn and I enjoy being out there. That’s the unique aspect of living, working and learning all in one place. That’s not something you can do at any other agricultural college.”

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