We also run a BBL-course, on which you follow one day theory at school and have two days internship on a farm somewhere in the Netherlands. You only follow lessons at the school venue. You do not live or work on campus. Mostly adults between 28 and 58 attend this course. Read the experiences of some of our BBL-students here.


"One of the main benefits of Warmonderhof is that you gain a lot of practical experience. And you’re in an inspiring environment where everyone is busy developing a new vision for agriculture."


"With my own farm, I’m setting something in motion for myself, but also something for our whole family. I enjoy taking risks and not blindly following the path I set out on during my studies. To do something completely different."


"It has been a long journey for me to discover how I relate to the climate crisis and the ecological crisis. At a certain point, the penny dropped and I realised I had to do it in practice. I wanted to dig the earth with my bare hands."

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